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Chrome Deletes

Car Wrap Service in Surrey, BC 


Color Wraps allow you to give your car a brand-new look. 

We will carefully enhance your vehicle using one of our many color options such as 3M, Avery Dennison, Hexis, Vvivid, and KPMF to completely customize your ride.  

Vinyl wrapping is the perfect method to change the color and look of your vehicle or accent certain parts without the worry of it being permanent. We offer custom vehicle wrap solutions, full vehicle wraps, and chrome delete options.




2 + Hours Service Time

You can do just about anything you can imagine with vinyl. Add a black roof, racing stripes, carbon fiber roof or mirrors, custom lettering, or print. We can do it all.


Chrome Delete

1+ Days Service Time

Wrapping chrome trim, grills, and other chrome areas give your vehicle a really sleek, sinister look. Most customers choose to wrap chrome in satin or gloss black. Chrome delete is a great way for your vehicle to stand out from the rest.  



We have all had the point in our vehicle ownership lives in which we wish we could have changed the look of our vehicle without making it permanent and or costing more than a new paint job service.

With a vinyl wrap, vehicle wraps you not only can change the color of the vehicle. You also can customize how it looks, whether it be racing strips, a panoramic roof black-out looks, or even the European Range Rover Top Half Black Out.

Not only does viny wrap provide you with the ability to change the look of your vehicle it also offers more protection to the factory paint. So that you can retain the original look well after you have purchased the vehicle.

We invite you to stop by our location and meet with us. Allow us to discuss your and your vehicle's needs over coffee or a bottle of water. We are here to help you achieve your desired vehicle. 

We provide all our customers with a 100% satisfaction guarantee that you will love our work. Call us at (236) 471-5396 or complete our online quote request form to get in touch and schedule your upcoming vinyl car wrap service.