When you are a passionate and serious auto enthusiast who wants the best ceramic coating protection with the maximum level of protection, shine, and overall appeal then you've reached our Signature Service.

Our Signature Service is specifically designed and catered to each individual vehicle and its owner. Yet, you can rest assured that we are going to cover every part of the vehicle's surface areas INSIDE and OUT with our finest Graphene Ceramic Coatings. 


Signature Service

4 Day+ Service Time

5 Year Protection + Warranty

In our Signature Service, we use only our topmost favorite products that come from IGL Coatings, including the award-winning ceramic Kenzo Graphene Coating. Which creates above the average thick layer of protection that radiates a rich and natural glow reminiscence of bespoke wax. Generating a long-lasting and natural candy gloss to your vehicle. Leaving your vehicle with one of the most stunning wet looks and shine that can be provided. And is personally our favorite for the ultimate wet glossy look. 

With the highest Hydrophobic properties out of all the coatings on the market that includes water sheeting so the water doesn't stick. It has the highest prevention of water spots from forming. It makes washing your vehicle extremely easy. 

We include the necessary steps for providing a FULL paint correction. Ensuring that we have a mirror-like finish to your paint before we apply the Kenzo Graphene Coating, making sure that the vehicles shine and gloss surpass all others on the road.

  • 5 Year Durability

  • Graphene Ceramic Technology

  • Highest Hydropboic Properties

  • Perfect For Showcar

  • Deepest wet look out of all coatings

  • Includes full interior protection

  • Includes Wheels and Tires w/ wheels off service



  • 1 x 5 Year Coating - IGL Graphene Kenzo 

  • 1 x IGL Exterior Plastic Trim Coat

  • 1 x IGL Engine Bay Coating

  • 1 x IGL Kenzo on Door Jambs

  • 1 x IGL Kenzo on Trunk Jamb

  • 1 x IGL Kenzo in Gas Tank Fill Area

  • 1 x IGL Wheel Coating w/ Wheels Off Service

  • 1 x IGL Tire Coating

  • 1 x IGL Seating Surfaces & Armrest Coatings

  • 1 x IGL Window Coating

  • 1 x IGL Fabric Protection Coating - Both for convertibles when required and for interior fabric upholstery

  •  1st Hand Wash After The Service Free 


Prices Require In Shop Inspection Of Vehicle

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