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Premium Detailing, In Surrey, BC.


We specialize in cleaning, shinning, and protecting your vehicle with premium auto detailing services in Surrey, BC.


 With solutions from our Platinum Detail up to our Signature 1 Step Correction polish service. “Cut and Polish” is a process used to address various paint defects. It essentially involves removing some clear coat in order to remove defects (the cut) and then restoring the gloss and shine of the paint (the polish). If you want to sell your vehicle, our exterior car detailing services in Surrey, BC, is a great way to add value to your car before selling AND will ensure you sell it quicker! 

Each of our detailers is trained and skilled with the latest in technology to help bring out the best results possible in all of our customer's vehicles.

Each vehicle is thoroughly examined after your exterior car detailing service to guarantee the highest quality of work.

If you’re interested in premium auto detailing at our Surrey, BC, location, please inquire today by calling (236) 471-5396 or by filling out our online quote request form.  

Platinum Detail

5+ Hours Service Time


Our PLATINUM Detail is the perfect way to get a vehicle Inside & Outside looking fresh, smelling fresh, and just overall feeling fresh.


Beginning with a Full Exterior Hand Wash that includes an entire exterior microfiber towel wash service to the body, wheels, and windows of the vehicle, a soft bristle brush cleaning of the grille, emblems, and trim areas.  Topped off with a Graphene Coating & Tire Shine

A Full Interior Detail Service completes this combo, which includes steam cleaning, shampoo service as well as cleaning the headliner.​


  • Full Interior Vacuum

  • Door Panels Cleaned

  • Door Jambs  & Trunk Jambs 

  • Dash & Center Console

  • A, B, C Pillars Cleaned

  • Seat Steam/Shampoo Cleaned And/Or Leather Cleaned and Treated

  • Floor Steam/Shampoo Cleaned (Where Applicable)

  • Disinfectant Of All Surfaces 

  • Vents Steam Cleaned

  • Headliner Spot Cleaned

  • UV Protection On All Surfaces

  • Windows Inside

  • Air Freshener

  • Engine Bay Clean & Dress 

  • Exterior Hand Wash With Plush Microfiber Towels

  • Soft Bristle Brush Service On Trim & Grill

  • Wheel & Tire Scrub
  • Undercarriage Pressure Wash

  • Tire Shine

  • 3 Month Ceramic Coating

  • Full Interior Protection Add-on Optional: $300

*Does Not Include Paint Correction/Polishing*

Prices Start At


Midsized: $350

Oversized: $400

Enhancement Detail

7+ Hours Service Time


Designed to improve the color and clarity of your vehicle up to 25% by reducing a portion of the haze from the effects of your daily driving.


Just as in our PLATINUM DETAIL package. Our Enhancement Detail also includes a Full Exterior Hand Wash and a Full Interior Detail Service


Finally, we begin with our Enhancement Polish. Designed to remove a small percentage of swirls, marring, and scuffing to help improve the luster and shine of your ride by adding depth and clarity to your paint. 

Completed with a Ceramic Sealant coating to protect your vehicle for 6 Months


  • Everything From the PLATINUM DETAIL

  • Clay Bar Service

  • Headlights, Taillights, and Maker Light Enhancement Polish

  • Enhancement Polish Service - Improves Gloss/Shine of Vehicle by 25%

  • Ceramic Infused Tire Shine

  • 6 Month Ceramic Coating

  • Full Interior Protection Add-on Optional: $275

Prices Start At

Car's: $450

Midsized: $500

Oversized: $550


Signature Detail

1 Day+ Hours Service Time


The Signature Detail is our 1 Step Paint Correction Service. Where we do a Cut/Polish/ plus a 1 Year Sealant to your vehicle's paint.


Starting with a Full Exterior Hand Wash. We even do an engine bay cleaning and dressing.

Paint chip touch-up service is also available with this package

In our 1 Step Correction, we aim to improve the visibility, clarity, gloss, and shine by removing 85% of the defects in your paint.



  • 1 Step Cut/Polish Service - Removes Up To 85% Of All Scratches, Scuffs, and Marring Marks

  • Paint Chip Touch-up

  • Ceramic Trim Protection

  • 1-Year+ Graphene Coating

  • Exterior Window Coating

  • Full Interior Protection Add-on Optional: $250

Prices Start At

Car's: $750

Midsized: $800

Oversized: $850