We Make Your Car Look Beautiful.
Specializing in professional-grade ceramic coatings and vehicle wraps.
With focusing on the quality of service over the number of cars, we can service.

  • Professional Automotive Detailing

  • Auto Detailing

  • Car Detailing


What Would You Like To Do?


Ceramic Coatings will lock in a deep shine and protect the paint from environmental damage. Our interior protectants can preserve the leather, vinyl and fabrics from sun damage or spills.

  • Protect Your Vehicles Paint

  • Protect Wheels and Tires

  • Interior Protection Coatings

  • Increase Shine And Gloss
  • Make It Easier To Wash & Clean
Car detailing and polishing concept. Han

Focused on providing the best possible service for each individual vehicle.

  • Clay Bar Service

  • Full Interior Detailing

  • Paint Correction Services

  • Engine Bay Clean & Dressing

  • Decontamination Wash Service

  • Paint Maintenacne Polish Services





Does your vehicle stand out from the crowd? 

  • Roof Wraps

  • Hood Wraps

  • Chrome Deletes

  • Accent Changes

  • Full-Color Change Wraps

  • Partial-color change wraps

Car detailing - Man with orbital polisher in repair shop polishing car. Selective focus..j

Do you know how to wash your vehicle properly?

How about doing a proper paint correction?

  • Safe Wash Training

  • How To Remove Scratches

  • 1 Step Cut Polishing Training

  • How To Use Rotary Polisher

  • How To Apply Ceramic Coatings

  • How to Do Full Paint Corrections

  • How To Grow Your Detailing Business


Maintain the look and shine of your vehicle

  • Monthly Detailing

  • Weekly Detailing

  • Custom Services

  • Weekly Hand Washes

  • Weekly Interior Detailing

Car window tinting series : Installing c

Does your interior get too hot from the sun?

What about making it more private and sleeker looking?

  • Sunroof Tinting

  • Single Windows

  • Multiple Windows

  • 5%, 20%, 38%, and 50%. Shade

Take a short peek into our Enhancement Service. 

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Learn to safely wash your vehicle by hand, with no scuffs or scratching

Professional Automotive Detailing, Auto Detailing, Car Detailing

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At P2P Auto Detailing, we are committed to excellence and know just how much you cherish your vehicle. That’s why, when trusting us to perform a service, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. We promise that when you leave our shop, you will fall in love with your vehicle all over again and will “bring pride to your ride.” 

You may request a quote online or get in touch with us by calling (236) 471-5396 for your next car detailing in Surrey, BC.

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